Astronaut Training – Training for Greatness

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* Advanced level exercise, gym and cardio workouts, builds all-round peak fitness.

Wanted – Outstanding, out of this world candidates for the voyage of a lifetime. Exclusive greatness awaits those that enrol for this brutal yet thrilling training system that will rocket launch you on an epic journey of personal discovery. Adapted masterfully from the rigorous workouts used by NASA to train their spacefaring heroes, the Astronaut Training program is not only immensely demanding it is also a monumentally enjoyable way to take your fitness to record-breaking heights. Elite level effort is rewarded by equally stellar performance, progress, and satisfaction.

This program combines the raw power and brute strength of weight-bearing exercises with hugely original, enthralling cardiovascular training, conducted in a groundbreaking style designed to elicit maximum performance levels from the participant. Make no mistake, this is elite-level architecture guaranteed to challenge even the fittest competitors. You will discover exactly what you are made of. The program requires dedicated, highly-motivated, ambitious candidates to take on this unparalleled adventure. Enroll here for an unforgettable expedition to the centre of the universe – you.

“We choose to go the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard… Because that goal will serve to organise and measure the best of our energies and skills. Because that challenge is one we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win.” When John F. Kennedy stated his ambition of landing a man on the Moon before the end of the 1960s he delivered a speech that resonated through time. Those words are as apt today as they ever have been. Colossal aims will require tremendous focus, drive, and aptitude. The fulfilment of this pioneering ambition will arm you with astronomical fitness and the indomitable mindset needed to face extreme challenge with honour and confidence.

£49 / $69 Order now 

 Elite level effort is rewarded by equally stellar performance, progress, and satisfaction.


What will you receive when you order an exclusive program with NT? 

New Totality wants to shower you with benefits and goodness! When you order your brand new program with us you will find a world of supreme quality waiting for you to explore and enjoy. We will help you attain your goals.

Here are some of the many huge advantages that accompany each and every one of our groundbreaking training platforms.

* New Totality delivers. You can access your program online or on your mobile device using our very own app, provided by our genius partners at Trainerize.

* Enjoy the benefits of professionally designed training with the added freedom of exercising when it suits you and your lifestyle. Our programs arm you with all the professional information and state of the art tools to ensure that your workout is a success from start to end. Huge value.

* You will have full and exclusive access to all of the features that accompany the training program that you have chosen. Read on to discover more!

* The programs are easy to use thanks to the beautiful layout and the clearly structured system that we created. This allows you to focus on your training as we take care of the details and setup.

* Track your individual progress using our stunning app. Every element relevant to your training can be tracked and personalised so that you can record your results on the road to a fitter, healthier you.

* The programs are uniquely designed for specific results. The training is clearly explained, and the exercises are presented with original videos that visually demonstrate the perfect form and technique to use as you perform each action.

* Every element of the workout has been catered for. Our web-based format enables you to enjoy all the benefits of having personal training at any time and place you choose. Sets, reps, work intensity, and so much more has been designed for you to optimise your training.

* Our app also allows you to adjust and modify the workout to your own requirements allowing you the space to progress at your own speed.

* Exclusive access to connect with our trainers. You can easily contact our team using the messaging feature should you have any queries or if you need some encouragement!

* Each training plan is designed to be completed in the number of weeks stated in the program description. We understand that life can present us with all kinds of situations that can delay or impinge on our training regime. With that in mind we keep your program active for longer than the suggested lifespan. In effect that means that a 12 week program stays alive in your system for 18 weeks.

* Training using our programs is designed to be an enjoyable experience, a voyage of discovery, and has been created to empower you to improve your physical fitness and body composition. We trust that the originality and the professionalism of our programs will help you fulfil your goals and elevate your quality of life. Wishing you the best of luck with your journey to greatness!


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